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of the eoroiiar.v circulation lit is sometimes the c-ause of aiia:inii ))er
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rliipincnt cif iiMi' present-day eipneeption, tin' viewpoint of the men uho
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macular region. Dinmess of vision, blurring of the outlines of objects
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discussing the cutaneous manifestations — the dead fingers, the itching,
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lation of liair jind umliirestcil detritus at the oi»eiiin'r between the op
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than remind the reader of the observations and reports of Gull and Ord,
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lie c(>m|)res.sed. parlicidarly those at the Itasc of the hrain. l-'rom th.ni
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occupied in taking in, by very small quantities and
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of chronic parenchymatous nephritis are in association with tuberculosb.
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~ riiiisi(lfr!il(l,\ lii'liiw till' niiriiiiil I)iii'iii'.' tin' si'i-ninl jii'iinil uf mils
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tor a niueh lonyer jieriod after the stimulus is withdrawn. If the vacus
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a few species of micrococci, such as the Micrococcus urece liquefaciens, the
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the administration of urinary antiseptics, or of the astringents, lime water,
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' American Journal of Orthopedic Surgery^ 1908, v, 194.
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until this lias liei-iime sn illlllteil that the pressure nl' till' llissnlv ed mnl-
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Aberrant goitres may occiu* in any position where thyroid tissue grows
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in maniacal conditions, in hysteria, tabes, and pregnancy. It is related to the
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temperature conditions ;id,juste.I, the ferric.v anide is ndxod with the
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with justice to all through a thoroughgoing investigation of the statistical
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It is relapsing, and periods of pyrexia of several days' or even weeks' duration
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or chronic interstitial inflammation with retraction and destruction of the
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it until late, and in a few cases in which the tumor remains small it is never
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and by Rovsing in the case of a large number of bacteria.
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or even venous pulse (liver pulse, splenic pulse) may be present. Pulsation
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There should be no difficulty from a careful study of the case in excluding
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'li-'i'il "11,1 piHihiri, ill till' iiiiiin.'il IiimIv tliMii llicy \ ii-M when Imnicj ii
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of acidity, upward of 100 investigations in normal individuals showed us that
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arises very often, and the physician hesitates to make a puncture through the
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"i'lrate. The specilicity <loes not, however, in itself disprove the i-lose
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V, iiti'ii'iiliir, it will III! t'oiitiil tliat, as the ciMiliac tissuf ix ({"■•luiilly
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reach such great size, and the hemorrhage is apt to be more frequent and
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Diet. — Substances containing considerable lime and phosphorus should
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iiiu'cr i|iian1i1y of CO, will lie disjilaccalilc from the solution (as liy
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ment. If, however, a few moments of rest intervene, or some sudaen obstacle
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It later the <;lottis closes so that the insi>ired air is