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to convey infection. At the same time, however attractive the " fly
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cases collected from the literature, found considerable diversity in
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charges against doctors and the medical service he vehe-
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All alkaloids have certain common characteristics. Bitter
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soakage. But this part of the river Avas, in fact, a canal Avith locks, and
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centre, capable of generating nervous force for the excitation of movements independently
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In some recent studies by Pemberton and Crouter'* observations
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for the emaciation. Two medical gentlemen confirmed this evidence at the
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over the affected tubercle is practically put down to syphilitic disease of the in-
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maniacal; but after taking several quarter-grain doses of tartar
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School of Salerno during the ninth or tenth century, that
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in the manner and to the extent that it has now for the first time
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accompanied, as a rule, by one or more chills, which drive the tem-
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bed for the patient is necessary in order to prevent bed-sores. As long as
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manded the highest potential influence in the State and in the fram-
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ment of the disease, provided desquamation has ceased and the mucous
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And, indeed, whatever may be said of the theory, his practice has been
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vation of over fifteen years, that the druggists of Toronto are,
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The Ozone Company has utilized this fact in a preparation
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equal — should be removed from the urinary tract should it not
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L The Careful Removal of all Foreign Bodies from the Wound. — The
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the symptoms complained of relieved, and no mischief to the testicle has followed.
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tic application of the valerianates of creasote and guaiacol in a
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minds one of locking the stable-door after the horse is
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In cystic disease the urine has the characters of chronic interstitial
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Information on this point can doubtless be also had from
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Third : Dissect the aponeurosis of the external oblique freely loose
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Held, are inclined to insist on a modification of this view and to contend