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Introduction. — This is an affection of early infancy in which nodding,

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liable and efficient ; all others are worthless. ' '

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testinal mucosa to such an extent that liquid paraffin has

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course, risk factors, and treatment specific mortality

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"Fifth. The form of blepharitis to which my statistics refer is

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6. Five per cent, of the net proceeds of the sales of United

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acute or chronic. Englisch classifies them thus: i. Idio-

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gr. I (0.016 gm.), are the best. The smallest possible doses should be

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Werth, and others has greatly increased our knowledge of the origin and

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removed. It is easier to destroy the insect in this

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disease. He falls into a weak state and very gradually

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intimate acquaintance with, and facility of speaking, most of

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tis bronchopneumonia, pneumonia ; six to eight months, diarrhea

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pigment free. At times the urine may present a cloudy, bluish, or even blue-

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however, yielded to venesection, and on the 19th of August he was

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entity," or whether it is secondary to numerous other conditions. Addison

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Case 5. Mr. D.— Merchant, 52 years old. Good family history. Between

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association of private counsel with the Counsel of the Company is welcomed.

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keep the bowels open, by the use of purgative enemas and the internal administration of

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affect any part of the cord, and many parts of the brain, the symptoms

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