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for an infra- orbital neuralgia then existing for seven

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in the Dublin Quarterly Journal, May, 1860) was next laid on,

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pression, headache, irregular heart action and other forms

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DURHAM, A. E. Guy's Hospital Reports (3), vi. p. 149 ; 1860. 9. Idem. Encyclopaedia

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generations of musicians and medical men to apply the

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Duckworth has a very able and original article on Obesity. Under " Diseases of

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amount of pruritis in the initial stage of the disease, — ^that is, before

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and the fifth stimulation is either not transmitted at all or is no longer sufficiently

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jects. The thread should pass through all the tissues at once,

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wise incurable. 3 It is true that some lives are shortened bv

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decomposing state, developing rapidly germs of a lower

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uterus. In Dr. Grimsdale's case, the tension on the

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$10,000, and will transport four reclining or eight

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of a letter to Mr. John Pearson, at the request of whom it ap-

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nation — great distention occurring immediately after the accident has

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capable of arresting extension of the process by attacking

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for lumbar colotomy, the wound being enlarged subsequently

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ment of the trunk, and in great measure, at least, it may be

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disease pursues a typical course. Anomalous cases occur, the disease in some

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may produce a large superficial mass forming a kind of shield in front

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regarded as affording a definiie basis of suspicion ... of

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Physiologists have made Important discoveries with living animals

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I find that physicians living at a distance from the

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for the expulsion, the operator must have recourse to the extraction of the infant,

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had an attack of scarlet fever. The rash may be absent or present

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medicine sha had taken from different doctors in five or six years. I have

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plies also to chronic affections like tuberculosis, and the

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injection and a second dose was subsequently given,

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sphere), and provided that there be a reasonable probability that the

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ment for rickets somewhat irregularly dur- adherent to the larger ones, but the others