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have never seen a surgical patient so profoundly septic

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in the event of the admission of septic matter into the circu-

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(1) The condition may be a failure of co-ordinating power

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No one physical diagnostic sign in early pulmonary tuberculosis is of

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may soften into a puriform material. Thrombi are also found in the lungs

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frequent employment of the subcutaneous method in treating

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vessel containing water, it certainly strongly indicates tuberculosis.

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supposed cardiac disease occurring in females, and especially when any

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a serous or mucoserous exudation ; the other is a true purulent otitis

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periodicity in their habits, which appears to be associated with the

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ligne lat6rale des poissons osseux. Rev. sclent.. Par.,

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zofran odt during pregnancy

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^78; '^ noQse-Drainaee and Sanitary Plumbing," by W. P. Gerhard, in Fourth Annual

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It will be necessary to refer again to the views of these three

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serted and the patient made a good recovery, [g.b w ]

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the communication of the fact of pregnancy to the father of an illegitimate