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serum treatment, and observed the leucocytes, the temperature
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by Abrams '* shows that this is true. By irritating the
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remarkable. (Dr. Wilson in Records of Hospital Ship " Minden")
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relation between the regions of the motor zones excited and the accel-
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bladder, to insure the escape of urine from that viscus as fast as it
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of iDemphigus ; these two cases are described in his book under the
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recommended by Dr. Sayre in twelve cases with very good results, once in the
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average normal eye would make out a line of print, selected as the
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pseudohypertrophy; second stage, atrophy. (&) Hy-
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Ph. D. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Chicago :
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The combination of other affections with acute pneumonitis will, of
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nity of framing more definite instructions than those
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* German army report, p. 59. f Influenza lectures, p. 32.
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who believes atropine to be the most efficient remedy against epilepsy,
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syphilitic history in parent and child did not necessarily exclude
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hall, two well ventilated and lighted bed-rooms for nurses, with large
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find not quite clear : " Dr. Thin has shown that beneath the basement
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98 Gastric Ulcer: Its Etiology, Symptomatology, and Diagnosis,
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tent, and entirely unworthy to become members of the medical profes-
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matter, the gray matter, or botli, may be affected ; the disease may tend to
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of the blood, all point to the typhus element of the disease, and
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Black Bile in the spleen. The chyle is conveyed to the
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arachnoid ; but, if the hemorrhage be abundant, rupture of this mem-
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ginning the inhalations the sputa lost their offensive odor,
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causes have been present in my cases. I have, moreover, been especially
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etc. Vol. III. New York: William Wood & C6, 1884.
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from the typhoid bacillus in that the former changes
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Hillsdale Blvd,Ste410, Foster City 94404. (415)345-3020.
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stant use of the alkalies or of their carbonates appears to be productive of latent
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5th. It is cheap, durable; it can be washed when soiled,
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the nerve trunks themselves. One ought also to add that the nerves may