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there was after some months a striking disturbance of the intestines on a
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letter. Jour. Ainer. Med. Assoc, March 13, 1920, Ixxiv, No. 11,
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grateful in consequence. She took the medicine sev-
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by Cruveilhier, Meynert, Heschel, and Charcot, but Bouchard was the first
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unintelligibly, or repeat themselves. It is this third group of cases, to-
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crease the danger of miscarriage ; but the rapitl prim-
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a case in which I was convinced that existing paral-
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In children, or nervous, susceptible patients, where
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patches, vibices, and eechymoses, coma appears early, and a fatal re-
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he died in about ten minutes. It was supposed that the deceased had died
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all cases of asthma, it will be unnecessary to discuss fur-
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the importance of pure and reliable vaccine virus being always attainable,
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in the middle and translucent, or appear as oblong or circular
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who receives it. But when these circumstances concur -wdth
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The Medical Association of Georgia has approved a comprehensive disability insurance plan,
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injected with such cultures and then salted they were found to be prac-
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pernicious hereditary effects, all combine to make it far the
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best method of attaining the best ends, might not have
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few days he recovered his speech, although ever since he had had some diffi-
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and have a natural tendency to become epidermoid ; they
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pounds in the excreta. At the post-mortem examination of patients who
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of power and of sensation, loss of reflexes, incontinence of
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entire block of St. Thomas' Hospital was, under the
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a notable activity of the circulation with peculiar facility in the process
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varies according to circumstances, from three weeks to three
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not justified in recommending the patient as if he were
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work that women will do in England. The Indian workers have
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however, rare. Sir James Simpson was the first to point out that the
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increases in hepatic carcinoma and hepatic nodular hyperplasia with no
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try and small town districts appear in a more imfavorable
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splenic extract in organic iron. He states that it surpassed all known
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coccus in the proportion used (one per cent, of sodium
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shoulders pass through its superior aperture in the left oblique.
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the mercury came up. No effect on the bowels was produced,
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cellular proliferation. In the slighter forms of poisoning, however, we find