Zebra meat sold on pizzas in Lancashire takeaway

The takeaway also offers crocodile, buffalo, and kangaroo pizzas

The first ever Zebra meat pizzas have gone on sale at a pizza takeaway in Burnley, Lancashire. However zebra isn’t the only exotic meat on the menu as Yummy Yummy Italia also serves up pizzas with crocodile, buffalo, venison and kangaroo toppings as well.

The idea came for these alternative pizza toppings after the owner of the fast food shop, Arash Ford, went on a visit to London and encountered a frog leg pizza. Inspired, Mr Ford went straight back to his take away in Burnley to re-create the dish, but then discovered a whole world of other toppings such as the zebra, which worked much better than the the French delicacy.

All meat used on the pizzas is sourced from responsible farms via a specialist supplier of alternative meats based in Berwickshire. The unusual pizzas toppings were launched at the takeaway store at the beginning of the year and are already proving popular with certain customers. Mr Ford estimates he’s currently selling 20 zebra and crocodile pizzas a week to takeaway fans in the Burnley area.

However some animal rights fans have been quick to voice their disapproval of Mr Ford’s new menu saying they believe people will be “appalled” with the use of zebra meat on pizzas. Although a spokesperson from the WWF said the organisation had no objection to the sale of zebra pizzas, provided the meat was “responsibly sourced”.

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