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minds of the profession by the controversy between Sir Charles
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of urine in a good stream. For several years he suffered
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There is a remarkable Regularity of sex incidence in the
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is found to be straight-backed, whilst the common evidence of old
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variety which every one knows to occur in the degree of
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cases that are not lamed or crippled by the great mobility
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is favored, the ulcers become very large and confluent, so that often
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they did not find ; they recognized with surprise that the intestinal lesions
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ing a cultured mind, and with it something of the true
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rested cases " out of the whole number of patients was 31%,
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sight became perfect; the bleeding from the nose has occurred
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disposition to accentuation of the aortic second sound. High tension
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Mr. Clayton Fox said he did not find much wrong, but from the
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No. 20, p. 1337), who noted persistent insomnia in a number of cases.
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supposing that his opinion has been founded upon a deliberate examination
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especially fitted for the purpose, of which we have few in this
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the treatment of obstinate cases of nocturnal inconti-
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the occipital artery almost completely arrested the pulsa-
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weakness of the contractions of this organ, a cause of severe and prolonged
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methods. Administered in thjs way ether is a suitable ana3-
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more especially where the experiment has been made in good faith and
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stools. The bowels were very much distended, with clear
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the bulk of mankind at a distance and in ignorance.
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the cooling of an inert mass and of a complex mechanism
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tities of any poison, he very properly recommends low powers as
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to the rule. And the exceptions will. I am sure, prove interest-
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for instance, in the case of the sacro-iliac junction and the
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sight of the left eye was completely gone, and there was permanent ptosis ; hearing on