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and the odium of having been the murderer of his own wife.
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University of Pennsylvania ; Physician to the Episcopal and St. Agnes
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plied for his dismissal ; on which day the following report was
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possible. The lye kills the poison and lockjaw will not set in.
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zantac medication for infants
It may make a person run down, feel poorly, and be-
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1 Deutsche mediclnische Wochenschrift, November 13, 1902.
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consistence; bleeding when injured; often containing a thin
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tions he should be confined during treatment, the open-
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cal System in the Edinburgh Review, in which, besides hold-
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rectly diagnosticating this terrible disease, by a short and clear
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in certain cases of pneumothorax with pulmonary fistula, it assumes an
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days of treatment they rose on one day to twenty-nine, but they fell
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As the limit of possible correction is reached, treat-
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Contrary to what is generally alleged to be characteristic of death by asphyxia,
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relief in some cases of dysmenorrhea ; he does not know
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angina, but the former occurs most frequently in subjects below 40;
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treatment is still to be relied upon as offering the best chance to the
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sey (A. J.) Punctured wounds of the eye-ball. Ontario
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the kidneys are rapidly involved and death may occur anywhere between the
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