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ate vicinity of the channel made by the projectile, but it will

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no pain unless they be moved about. They have now been on for about a month ;

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is an anomaly in such cases, and advises the operation per

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local affection. On the other hand, when fever becomes obe-

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fluke, while low, wet pastures favor the perpetuation of the

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And yet, if they do not mean that, their letters, apart from the

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were six deaths. This is to be said for the operation, how-

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« husWl U rCCe ! ^^i' Pr0pCrty Wa9 VCStcd in a ^ ™ d she ™ d

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to all distinguished foreigners. The French Government has given full credit to

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for the Removal of Nuisances. I may say, also, that

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ffit i? hLf'''"''^-Kl'^ "^"^ ^^'^ world-in fact, so rapidly

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far less frequently than speech and the opening of the mouth. Any

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stiffness, and he delays for three or four weeks in the case of the larger

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Sanitary Council of States along these rivers, infectious diseases

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usefulness in the profession, I am not disposed to cherish continued

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an operation may be anticipated from the dangers that would

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edies would be pernicious medication. This theory, |

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cholera spirillum, and the bacillus pyocyaneus. In the latter

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4. Semon. — On some rare Manifestatiors of Syphilis in

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with vaccine. There were found 4 vesicles about the size of

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ation detected in thin subjects ; by tapping one side smartly, a wave

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dozen cases, to show the results of laryngo-fissure years after the perform-

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I think I can dimly see your position, and begin to

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compared with present-day results the fact is clear that insufficient

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important also in a therapeutic connection. Above all, they indicate

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household loaf, the umbilicus standing for the depression which the

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majority of vaccinations have been and still are made

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acidity runs along low for two hours, and then very suddenly it

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dropsy cannot easily be determined in advance. My plan is to give,