Yorkshire duo set up pizza delivery service from their house

A pair of businessmen have set up a pizza delivery service from their utility room

An entrepreneurial duo from Bentham, North Yorkshire have set up a successful pizza delivery operation from a utility room at the back of a semi-detached house in the town.

 35-year-old Steve Edge and 21-year-old Jimmy Horton noticed a gap in the market as there are no other fast food delivery services in the town, and so decided to set up shop in a back room of a Bentham house.

Poco Jim’s serves up freshly cooked pizzas on Friday and Saturday nights and is already proving a big hit with the locals, so much so, that the pair have already had to double their catering space to cope with demand for their pizza.

Overwhelmed by the popularity of their service, Jimmy and Steve are now considering opening during the week, as well looking into the possibility of transferring their service to a premises in the town. Moving to dedicated premises would also allow the businessmen room to expand their menu by adding other dishes such as burger and chips.

The local town council have commended the local businessmen for their venture, although the district council say they are investigating the property after one complaint was received in regards to the use of the Bentham home as a base for the business. Planning is not needed for change of use on a domestic property, unless it affects those living nearby.

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