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Woman survives on diet of just pizza

February 13, 2012 by Tony  
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A 33-year-old woman has revealed her addiction to pizza and fear of eating any other type of food. Claire Simmons from London has eaten nothing but plain pizza for the last 31 years and has been diagnosed with an eating problem known as Selective Eating Disorder.

Not only does the mature student survive on a diet of plain cheese and tomato pizza, Ms Simmons gags when she tries to eat anything other than a pizza with her preferred topping and will physically shake when faced with any other food save her beloved pizza.

While the pizza addict revealed she tries to stay as healthy as possible on her pizza-only diet by exercising and drinking plenty of water, her GP has warned the student from Notting Hill that her limited diet could put her at serious risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Nutritional experts recommend a balanced diet which includes five varieties of fruit and vegetable a day to ensure a healthy intake of essential vitamins and minerals, however the 33-year-old admitted that she’s “actually scared” of fruit and veg in an interview with a tabloid newspaper.

The pizza addict came forward with her bizarre addiction after a recent story was published in the press in which a 17-year-old called Stacey Irvine admitted that she survived on a diet of only chicken nuggets.

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