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The removal of the uterine appendages stands, just now,
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may become an important secondary cause in changing or
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with photophobia and hypersecretion of tears, are not rare in con-
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to the tendon, range of mobility, inflammatory infiltra-
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From this duct the cystic duct arises that connects with the
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and the general state of nutrition was excellent. No hereditary
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Medical Council cannot legally recognise colonial degrees, but
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(1) Sulpho-ricinate of Phenol. — The employment of this preparation
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which is the material agent of the mental faculties, has some-
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One ureter dilated to nearly one-half more than normal
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served, are now easily interpreted in the right sense.
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deutly commenced. It is a common experience to find at
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ment was given. It can be applied to the healthy skin without pain
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and may be safely recommended to those commencing the study of
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I shall miss his great knowledge, his loving and keen
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demand^by what right is the name of Dr. Pereira coupled
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is attached to the sutures and its reflections form the sinuses which
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yellowish, ropy mucus, sometimes very abundant. In severe cases the
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ing analogy between them, and he puts the question,
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long the fit. For this practice, the authority of Hippocrates,
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extent between the general effects produced in common by most toxins,
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Dr. Oliver T. Osborn, of New Haven, in presenting the greet-