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leprosy is hereditary. The occurrence of several cases in a single fam-

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relief is obtained by the insertion of short urethral dilators,

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Dr. Webb has represented Queens county on this committee since

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patient may recover, partially at least, from his anemia.

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tive. A large soft-rubber catheter is retained with remarkable tolerance.

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demand^by what right is the name of Dr. Pereira coupled

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be doomed, as we have been, to disappointment. The English

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College, and a Microscopical Exhibition at the Academy of Natural Sci-

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Abnormal rolling movements, especially if occurring in loops of

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meine Krankenhaus in Vienna. The patient, a man aged .5(J, came about six

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moreover, for many years, the magistracy employed either one

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the possibility also of the existence of a partial enterocele (a

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fruit, and milk. In meat, the chlorid is combined principally with potas-

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