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it an inflammatory exudation. The character of the exudation, whether
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the severity of the attack has jiasscd. S])iced poultices wet with hrandy
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sufficient to distinguish it from pneumonia and pleurisy ; besides, its
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rate, and an elevation of the temperature. In some cases, there is profuse
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Many theories have been advanced as to the nature of this miasm
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The jJii/sind .sitji/s vary with the size and site of the tumor, which may
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and has apparently so many elements of contagion, that it is included in
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in some cases the thorax may be so distorted that the lower ribs upon
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The predisposing causes are male sex, occupation, excitement, and
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pneumonia sliould always be kept in bed, it cannot be too constantly
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has been the most troublesome symptom, disappears, and delirium comes
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has as yet been discovered by which it can be counteracted or neutralized
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neutralizing effect from the chloroform. In the few cases in which I have
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Differential Diagnosis. — If an abdominal aneurism is of considerable size,
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stances it would have as a covering, instead of the conjoined tendon,
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Point of Origin. — In the largest number of cases, the disease arises
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mouth the bubo appears below the jaw. They may remain for many
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arterial tension, recognized l)y the ])ulse. or, better, by the s])hygmogra2)h.
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include under septic diseases those conditions due to the absorption of
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lohe of the liver, and for chronic gastric catarrh with hcematemesis ; the two
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crowded public places not only induces pulmonary hyperaemia, but is
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in a towel previous to the operation and be allowed to boil for fifteen
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luxations of the bones forming the affected joints, as the phalanges and
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The diarrhoea, abdominal disturbance, and tympanitis, and often the
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dilatation of the left ventricle. Diseases of the columns carneae and chor-
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may not come on until its close. Although bronchitis plays an important