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tended, and the first phalanges flexed. Abduction of the thighs is

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and Microscopes, including New Books, Diagrams, Medical

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JThe Marquis del Busto, a leading member of the medical

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ever need to undergo an operation. This fact should be emphasized,

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words, the more comprehensive the diagnosis be, the better.

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smitten with the fell disease which finally killed him, he

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We regret to announce the death of Professor Peter, mem-

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ticket collector;" "telephone operator;" "assistant at a

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suggestions regarding its proper composition. The members

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these changes, new forms of corpuscles not found in normal blood make

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cient to cover the force conversion. The only substance which can

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C'ollege, 11 a.m.— Professor Crookshank : Lecture -Typhoid

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then comparatively very thinly populated, and its fatality has not at

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I have often diminished the painful cough accompanying cavities

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selves. The real self in us is as far superior to the mind as mind is

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I have agreed to receive the names of police surgeons willing

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vacancies on the Council of the College. The fourth member

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blood. But what is the antecedent of so-called thyroidism in Graves'

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ciples, the administration of iron is of great value in conditions of

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among the medical practitioners of Hapsal, a fashionable

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has to be got rid of by the kidneys, causing glycosuria or sweet-tasting

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honorary secretary, read the report, which showed that in the

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of caflFein citrate. Occasionally, 15 drops of the tincture of nux vom-

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that the treatment recommended should be supplied in all

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.. . ^\ t -.V vlonlificd by Tiedman in 1822 and by Hilton in

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measures, which will be mentioned later, he was relieved of his urgent

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fever becomes more pronounced, the morning remission becoming

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best Italian hotels ; otliers do not pay at all ; and in one case a county

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other cases exposure to cold may be the cause in a similar way to

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prolapse and it is difficult to replace the iris." Fuchs of

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brothers doing tlieir duty in districts of 79,000 acres and

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rid of by coughing, and hence is always useless, if not harmful. This

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tion varies in scarlatina. The rule, however, is that it is shorter than

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twenty years in India without any voluntary element in

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induce a permanent perverted secretion, which becomes very difl&cult

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and OKamined in the middle of the arm, but were not found involved in

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twenty-fours after, were produced by the full strength of the

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treated at, and discharged from, the Dalrymple Home. The

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Registrar to Westminster Hospital, and Physician to the