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ring at the apices. This congestion of the capillaries is the causal

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the most striking feature of these cells is their rich lipoid content.

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breathing becomes shallow, a pallor of the face appears and if the con-

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with arterio-sclerosis and nephritis. Fatty infiltration may be

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the latter place, he suddenly had a shock with par-

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Attending Physician to the Children's Department of the West

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marked ciliary and scleral congestion. About two-thirds of the cornea was

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Alexander Randall. Prostatisme sans prostate. — New York Medi-

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ited to infectious diseases and still further limited to only a part

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setts Institute of Technology in 1901, in the department of

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Roger G. Perkins, M. H. Miller and H. 0. Ruh. — Studies on diph-

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ment. The fever lasted all day, falling to 39° by the wash, but

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of this and other forms of perverted sexuality and abominable prac-

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surprising. I recall a case in which the specific gravity of the

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organs and especially the brain could not be affected

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but not a single plaque was found in the many areas of the brain

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Spontaneous pneumothorax. — American Journal of the Medical

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(not simply "cleaning up") of public buildings and public convey-

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understanding that the condition must be absolved before

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Alma S. Rothholz, M. D., Assistant in Clinical Medicine.

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panum thickening is not too great the case always ends satisfac-

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Oct. 9, 1907. Marked apprehension. He sees the devil in

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first was made bv dipping bits of sterile glass in a bouillon culture

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another class of cases occasionally met to which I desire to call

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cilities available for this purpose comprise the medical wards

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istry but which should be understood in order that he may

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Pathologist, H, A. Kelly Hospital, 1914-1915; Instructor in Pathology, Univer-

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from her throne of beauty rules an empire greater than Home. She

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considerable motor activity and restlessness have been striking

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was never answered. Hence Knopf's wail. It was thought that

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tinguishing feature is not marked, that it may be present in

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the existence of a separate cortical center for writing, Gordinier, H. C, 213;

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the emploj'es and the rest of the day was declared a holiday.

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and again discharged recovered, the diagnosis in each having been

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Dose List; and a full Glossary of Medical Terms and Nursing

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Nellis B. Foster. The isolation of a toxic substance from the

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general coarse tremor, particularly marked in the tongue and fingers. Elbow