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by which he was so much relieved, that he experienced more

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and if the stomach really empties itself so early in cases of ulcer, of itself

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monia than in any other disease," yet there are certain features of

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only haemorrhagic oedema and emphysema but without pulmonic con-

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showing, however, a decided change in dilutions as high as tttit.

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nosa). [Familial occurrence of peritonsillar abscess. J Norsk Mag. f.

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Salotti, A. Malaria chinino'resistente e neosalvarsan. Ann. di med. nav. e

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aside in a cool place for 24-48 hours, when crystals will have formed in

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cessary. At the commencement of the paper, the author re-

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resistance of the myelocytes on which radium can have no further action,

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both small veins of Galen passed through it ; but these were finally secured

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the tuberculin reaction.] Ztsclir. f. Immunitatsforsch. u. exper. Therap., 1921,

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were on the influence of the fifth pair of nerves on the nutri-

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of administration and used intravenous injections exclusively.

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contributory causes. Hoarseness, dyspnoea, and cough are the symptoms

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Carries his head in a fixed position, suggesting "stiff neck." On lightly

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Nubnbebgeb. liber das Verhalten des Blutzuckers nach Rontgenbestrahlungen.

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in the Throat ; only the Tonsils, Uvula and velum Palati, tumifi-

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What could be the cause of this great loss of blood? No ac-

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the detection of the concealed foreign body, by instruments ;

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Examination showed a temperature of 101 ° to 103° F., rising to 105.5° F.

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Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1920, & ser., 44, 552-6.

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