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July 6 Article in same Journal On the Treatment of Incised Wounds
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therefore left in position. The wound was cleansed and a plug of
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At this date the animal was returned to work, recovery being
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or in the medical journals ; and cases of it come under observation
Professor Rokitansky of Vienna has been elected a Correspond-
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Papers, etc. — The following papers were read. — I. Dr. Eade
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larly in the white substance, from which it was clearly differentiated by
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cult, however, to accord any further praise to Dr. Inman ; and there
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WiNTERBOTHAM. — On June 26th, at Bridgwater, the wife of *W. L. Winterbotham,
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of the Obstetrical Society accustomed to watch suffering women during
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remain good. This is particularly the case in cancer of the mammary
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however, remained local and underwent retrogressive processes, be-
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sometimes be transformed into the other. We have shown, for
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the pecuniary loss which it has been proved would occur.
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The patient had no pain. The tumour was free from pulsation.
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