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to inspire the wish to visit again the "smoky city beautiful."

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In cases of dementia and exhausting illness there is a simple

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plaques which, however, were shown by Weigert's glia stain to

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with discrete variola became immune, and had cause no longer to

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substratum of this psychosis) and if their bacterial origin be true,

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left arm and leg. That this softening also involves slightly the

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less than three years' duration ; that a printed copy of the above section shall be sent by

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As a rule the human system has the power of accommodating

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because of the recently acquired intemperate habits of her son (delusion).

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In some cases it is small; in others, considerable, filling the joint

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A commendable feature consists in the fact that not a few of the cases

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for the sole purpose of temporarily combating harmful symptoms,

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" a circular letter," and is addressed by the Medical Defence Association to the members of

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take from any animus or feeling of opposition either to the educational bodies or the

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pulmonary tuberculosis, associated with streptococcus or pneu-

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ment does not reduce blood pressure, the current does not de-

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and Physician in Charge of Psychopathic Division, West-

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bodies. These are the exceptional cases and are chiefly those

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Leighton, associated with Professor Frankl in the pathological

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weighed 5 gm., 10 c. c. of salt solution were added. If it weighed

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dealing with my case, if I again offend, deal with these other concerns.

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who carefully and persistently followed out the proper methods.

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ence exerted by the seasons, however, is probably not direct (e. g.,

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appraise clinical symptoms and anatomical findings. In some of

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the Priest Kneipp expounded his nature cure, and acquired a large

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3,268,575. When we realize the importance of these small pests in the trans-

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proper remedy from those which would not produce cure are

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for even temporary benefit. Possibly the most fantastic of the

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a long illness. Dr. Dudley was graduated from Hahnemann in 1892, and up

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glasses. This book of Dr. Scott's is intended to elucidate largely the other-

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Soon after his graduation in 1884, he opened an office in Rockville,

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Bible School in session assembled, do protest against any of our Baptist