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their tafle ; for, not only the harfhnefsof their hair,
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of the pupils, and a tendency to paralysis and convulsions.
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and probably also a facultative saprophyte. From an etiological point of
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choleraic diarrhoea a certain amount of bile is almost always present in
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certain species of animals, and attenuated by inoculation into another
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lesion, from a week in minor cases, to six weeks in such severe lesions as sprain
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account of the SpanilK fliecp, of the management of them,
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tom for mothers to suckle their infants for the first year, and on account
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Obstructive dilatation. — This occurs in — (1) stenosis of the pylorus,
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on any account be fuffered to repeat it, but be led
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growth. Then, too, rapid enlargement of the organ points to growth ; but
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in Medicine so that students upon graduation in the future shall receive
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time up to twenty years after the primary sore. It also may result from
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To satisfy ourselves that this was the case, we had several of the
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The swallowing of corrosive substances (mineral acids or caustic
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nervous influence may accelerate this deposition of biurate. It is well
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it may be another attack of delirium tremens. In all cases it is necessary,
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in the notice a report or certificate of such medical iiractitioner
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dangerous, yet if decomposition is allowed to proceed further, the danger
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out with a pair of pificers or be difcharged by di-
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in' cattle, as the- a<ftion of their vefTels is (Ironger
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the onset of paralysis, our usual findings at the Hospital for Sick Children
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long, large, and dependent sigmoid flexure. It is possible that this is a
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outstanding offender, but any of the anaesthetics or hypnotics when
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in recovering original length. Smooth muscle is able to maintain a
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reduced by taking careful precautions from the time the patient is first
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for fear they may see something," says the Commissioner. ."At
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periments on the fmall-pox in Jlieep, which hilled prodigious
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which he is very fond, will prove of the greateft ufe.
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Plasmodium once it has obtained a lodgment in the human body.
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at fonr nr fi . ' , "" °' '^''^" ^ billion. Inoculations should be made
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from putrefying perch got guanadine; whilst Gautier and Etard have
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glands were firm, fixed and tender. In the majority of cases the sub-