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ion with the disease is, that every baker and every
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voluminous from year to year. New clinical as well as pathologico-
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(I) liurcM-,,! liu-.nHUuvi,,. ,l„.,,UL'h n.;u!atinn ,,f the toxin .l^M>l^ .
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hM a g&aB of beer, and walked back. With regard to haemorrhage, he
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August 26th: Dressed. By moving limb, some union appears to have taken place
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Farquarson, M.D., Edin., F.R.C.P., Lond. Lecturer on
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confined to acts of violence perpetrated unconsciously during the state of sleep,
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serum heated to 56 C., which has the property of causing a characteristic
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tient's constitution was feeble, his appearance indicating at least ten years
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evidence of any colour-blindness found in the right eye, even after re-
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give a mortality close to nil. He had done a large number of
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There must be certain conditions of season and soil
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in proportion to their respective body-weights, as that of
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hence a study of the paralyses may indicate the fossa which the frac-
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the same should be at once closed by sutures, avoiding as
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however, rare. Sir James Simpson was the first to point out that the
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nate in the tissue where the irritation is developed. Hence pro-
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to hope and believe that a new era had arrived, in which a still rude
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temperature was 112*^ F. — and observations made were about as
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moments she declared herself much easier ; in five min-
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physiologic condition is the temporary hyperemia that occurs during the in-
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which supplies the natural acidity thai should exisl in the urine, neutral-
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cases the degree of imbecility produced varies with the extent of destruc-
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and patches were found scattered abundantly beneath the peritoneum
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too concentrated, and then it is felt as nausea, and is followed
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anything except liquids in small quantities and this with difficulty.
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cured. In another case, a young lady, aged seventeen,
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food and from profuse perspiration, the perspiration being the result
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.Hood in the superficial vessels. As other causes besides manual violence
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in an abnormal position after infants have been taking
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cancer. Broca found that the right kidney was neither hypertrophied nor pushed
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stimulation the depression may affect the conducting fibres and
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normal function, and the remainder, while not all perfect, had
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and the urine 'first becomes clear ; and then, as the temperature