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tis were the bacterium coli commune, the staphylococ-

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bodies have passed into the tympanic cavity and created consdierable disturb-

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without support, pleurisy, etc., until these conditions are corrected,

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bihydrobromide is recommended in persons who suffer from deaf-

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when the foreman of the jury said : — " My Lord, I do not know what your

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because the apparatus administers an even and constant flow of

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they were tottering, extremely nervous, tremulous, sometimes stammering

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cence of substances before unsuspected of presenting the

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times a day, followed by gradual increases to 1 tablet 3 times a day. Reported

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ner, ^ Zwicke, I) Boettscher, J Socin and Burckhardt, | Fen-

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the digestive principle. By this simple test the presence or absence of

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A. W. Wright, "Canadian Pracdoner and Review," Toronto, Ont., Can.

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while, went to Sweden, where he came into high favour as a physi-

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until the twelfth day. ' Twice spots were profuse, and

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6. It is also understood and agreed that the buildings, such as stables, creamery,

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result, the epidemics to which Yokohama had grown accustomed

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inmates of the family, but to little chance of recovery when they

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sedentary habits and excessive mental labor, and who consequently

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Lorenza Feliciani, the daughter of a girdle-maker of Eome.

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Case CCIII. — Poisoning by Prussic Acid and Ethereal Oils,

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idal cells. In some of these elements the protoplasm presented

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11. Convulsions consist in the alternate contraction and relaxation of

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of this mode of infection. Loos has shown that on the completion of the exog-

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i.' t,uil\. I,.iri;f wi.uiul- nt tlu- lnlttcHi^. loiiiplii.itrj In fr.u tun-

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more successfully than the fresher ones. The preliminary steps in

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should always be determined, an al^ent or diminished pulsation being fre-

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ure. On the 19th, the red blood corpuscles had fallen to 2,200,000; the colorless

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metrical, cases are met with in which the manifestations are strictly

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few red corpuscles. Almost immediately after the needle was with-

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" strophulus " of Willan (7), who in two of his plates represents the

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coughed a good deal, and this condition remained practically

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is seen largely in the out-patient clinics of the different

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from 9 per cent to 1 per cent. At the Dresden Lying-in hospital out

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Application deadline is July 1, 1976. Grants-in-aid will be awarded for one

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watery discharges, astringents were used, and, judging from the compara-

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Chairs in Organic Chemistry and Physiological Chemistry,

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of a stick. On Friday the 10th, he passed a large lumbricus ; and 40 grains of

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for 3 to 4 weeks without any discomfort though it is rarely nec^e-sary