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ment of tuberculosis. We present a resolution to be
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Moss, W. T., and Ackerman, L. V. : Plasma Cell Leukemia,
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the bacillus has much to do with its length. One hundred and fifty
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184. ♦Eppstbin: In Kleb's "Handbuch der path. Anatomie."
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it 111' ilii-iiiii|iiisitiiiii |ii-iM!in-ts lit' u'lnciiM' 111- 111' siiiiic spi'ciiil rxrilinir
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independence of thought and work. His knowledge of gross anatomy is
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a single body cavity, such as the cerrical, bronchial, and mediastinal glands, or the
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nation level are the Division of Industrial Hygiene,
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Hotel, St. Louis, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 14, 15,
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do not place any emphasis upon its advantages in photomicrography.*
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feces of tuberculous cattle may contain innumerable virulent tubercle
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supervision of the committee above provided for. Said committee shall report to the
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The necessity of these points from the standpoint of durability is
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Issued, shall be identified and reinspected at the time of receipt, and shall be subject
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When first isolated from the glandular tissue of a tuberculous
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but would prevent its fraudulent use; or it could be immediately
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with the December issue. During 1947 there were pub-
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1|,.,„| ;,|„1 Thonii-M., '.,iv.. ills,, r,,uii.l tli;it til.' s,.|,s„ti.,iis an- ..m,,.i|. .1
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Opening into trachea from 1.1 to 2.0 cm. above bifurcation 18
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Publications in the following list for which no price is indicated
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tive for parasites. Sputum smears and cultures were
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