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determine whether diarrhoea be purely functional or dependent on subacute
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In four of his five temperature curves, recorded in Beitrage zur Klinik der
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of the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department in
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The principal facts established by these investiga-
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parts about the knee having been long entirely healed. The
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All methods of permanent retentive appliance ■are ob-
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them, the hemorrhage will be arrested whether we interfere or not, if it
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iocrity has no place in medicine and only the best and absolutely reliable article will make
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Bathe the parts with hot water three times a day, and after
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ture may approach the remittent t>T>e. In addition, this period furnishes most
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Berzelius in the following manner. See New Edin. Philos. Joiirn. for
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respiration had risen to 100, and her right luug was
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of some toxic agent in the blood, or are accompanied by it ; and
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Challenge Shield ; Legislation for Bakehouses, etc.
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salt to an ounce of simple cerate and usually half a drachm of the
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Medulla Oblongata. — The gray matter was very pale, and not readily dis-
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medicale des hopitaux de Paris, 1895, 3 s. , xii., 509-513.
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was returned by 12 : 24 were uncertain ; 36 were non-contagionists ;
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Treatment. — ^The patient was first seen by the writer eler^
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deputy surgeon-general, U. S. A., is hereby extended one
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rate sample are performed by cytopathology personnel in
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the life of our old and respected friend ; and we cannot do
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African army from typhoid fever in one of the official
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one might almost say reflex, means which he adopts to get rid of the
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