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Srths an /h^' H °' '"'•' '^'''"^ °'' "^^^'l registration of

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plied to the spine. She was kept in a state of narcotic sleep

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no reason whatever, structurally, why the heart may not become

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adhesions of the pericardium to the pleurae of opposite sides may

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Medical Inspector C. J. Cleborne, ordered for examination

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charge of the fcetal debris was very rare; he had seen only one case to

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terminal stage with cirrhosis of the liver and ascites

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membei-s of our picayune societies when some hungry brother

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BO that the limbs shrink in their whole extent, and acquire a resemblance

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tuberculosis, but with a clear tuberculous family history, had

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diately on entrance, showed 12,800 cells. Urinary examination shows

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show a positive Wassermann, though the blood test has not yet

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naturally, i>., less frequently and more slowly. Has

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dromal to or associated with other cerebral symptoms, such

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and from the reports which have met our eye we are forced to the con-

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Intravenous infusion was first practiced, so far as history records it, in

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at the wrist toxsix months in the plexus and also with its degree.

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the heart itself and produce the slow, soft, regular, and effec-

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of the heart tones, the unusually strong pulsation of the undilated

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cases, the kidney was extirpated for hydronephrosis,

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concludes that heroin in doses of from i to 5 of a grain three

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extraction of both lens and capsule simultaneously. His

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above, the diagnosis of an enormously enlarged spleen had been made; and

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keeping the leg extended, that the leg will be power-

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As a result of the injuries there are produced multiple

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put themselves in the position to learn the truth, by

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bacteria or coccos, although the testimony of the microscope

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guishable from leucocytes. The muscular fibrils were friable and granu-

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the skull and driven in with one blow of the hammer.

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2. Of the metalloids, iodine and, perhaps, arsenic.

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plan for the control and management of habitual drunkards.

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death." I have seen with Professor Hallez, of Lille, a remarkable

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Columbia County (Pennsylvania) Medical Society" hac

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dark-red or bluish contents. This increases from the

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the quantity of organic matter is about eight times the amount of oxygen,

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been paid to this subject ; but much has already been done in the

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the feet and wrist, and moves upwards over the legs, thighs, fore-

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A. C. Bernays of this city in his suit for the sum of $5,000

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