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abundant preciintate, which water acidulated with acetic

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Gardner. St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour., 1880, p. 288.

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f. klin. Med.," 1888, No. 10) describes under this term a toxic affection

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of distinct vision are received upon different portions of the surface of the

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tion of the numerous illustrations has been prepared exclusively for

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which, two years ago, J. B. Greene ("American Journal of Ob-

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like invaginations of the epithelium. Scattered through

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Composed of volatile and non volatile substances, Listerine is a

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adrenal cortical steroid preparations for endocrine dis-

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Jr., says "... the intestinal juice of itself is capable of effecting the

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case was unusual in that the patient suffered from persistent

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Lima'' looks upon the disease as incurable, but admits the occurrence

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a negative result. His observations were corroborated by other

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parts of the bill affecting the medical profession, and

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conceivable that such a phenomenon might be simulated in hysteria, I am

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Subcutaneous injections of strychnine are worthy of a trial. Absolute rest

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used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the

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side might be mistaken for a tumor if this fact was not known.

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with immediate relief to the patient. A considerable quantity of false

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Surgical Department of St. John's Hospital, (1854).

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in no one instance has he done, although given by me on all

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according to the character of the tissue; it may be

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Premature Separation of the Normally Implanted Pla-

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Larry D. Schoenrock, M.D., has served as a consultant for W. L.

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the ganglionic cells in the gray matter ; the longitudinal fibres, which are situated next the

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Being informed many years since, that a man of the name

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and the ear, when applied to different parts of the cranium, perceives a very

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demonstrated and sustained truth like, e. g., Webster's or

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Y., 1899, xvi, 874. — ITlaekenzie (S.) A of intermit-

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umbilicus free — which is a point of distinction from the dilatation due to

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fever, had advanced to rather less than eighty miles of the

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there is a dangerous disposition among them to shirk a

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•a radio-activity of 300 or 10,000. This indicates that the specimen is

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diaphoretic in acute nephritis then, this agent should be observed

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