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can say that very clearly and appropriately because

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By Dr. V. MACiNAN, Physician to St. Anne Asylum, Paris; Laureate of tuc n.stiLU c iiai,,U.c.i by \ . b.

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does not inhibit the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system; therefore, drug

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basal ganglia, conveyed to the brain probaDly by way

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neglected to supply a screen for catching the products of

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avoidance of all stimulating drinks, and tepid salt-water

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one another in the mesial line, becoming flattened and sometimes ulcer-

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stercoraceous matter, colic, pains, etc., may occur, there is reason to believe,

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plications and washings, mainly, with a very limited use of

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or four other grooves, so that it has a lobulated appearance. A

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above the patient's right shoulder and under the chest, so

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Curtis E. Price, Department of California ; H. S. Turrill,

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quantity to make a soft mass, and then adding a minute quantity

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Sarah , n egress, aged thirty-iive years. Symptoms, great

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Duncan, Dr. J. Matthews, on the restoration of the perineum 191

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cially when the action of the heart is handicapped by

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presence of an interval being an accident, not a necessity, and

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effected only by the abundant, rather lavish, appli-

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Association. Canad. Pract., Toronto, 1884, ix, 331-333 —

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scheme, and give up their privileges as the College of Pliysi-

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(seventy-two days after injection), and on autopsy was found to be free from

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means of accommodating. As a consequence, erysipelatous inflammations soon

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ence arising chiefly from differences in digestibility. Since, never-

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later there was an inguinal glandular swelling. "When fluctua-

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To take one example: it has usually been accepted that the

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region, but his answers have always been in the negative."

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having evacuated the fluid, to introduce through the canula

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and stubbornness oi the papulosquamous syphilidesoi the palms

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Mild gastritis was noted at the time of two endoscopies.

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result of a miasmatic poisoning, sui generis, which acts at first

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I'ceil. Union m6d., Par., 1885, 3. s., xl, 13-20. .

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stance, as far as I have been able to ascertain, with uniform