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known as hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy. It is well
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tients who had left the Goerbersdorf Sanitarium in 1876 as
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small size ; his height is 5 ft. 4 in., and he weighs 11 st. 6J lb. Speech
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dividuals is capable of prolonging an eczema for a series of years.
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this repeated hawking is a bad habit. The voice often becomes husky
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day or more, the right shoulder also became aftected.
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to improve nutrition and thus to increase the resistance and
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culation brings about diminution of the lung volume, because, as
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Unlike all other forms of phosphorus in combination, such
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nodosities and thrombosed superficial veins is independent of vari-
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cal Education, and the discussion that preceded it, as '
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them for each inspiration is less. Experiments have shown that the
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and its perfect use was regained long before the right,
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Application deadline is July 1, 1976. Grants-in-aid will be awarded for one
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the operation, and that some attention must be paid to the parts
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it must be pressed nearer and nearer to the verge of poisoning
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447811; Marcli 10, 1891 — Dowd (D. L.) Exercising-nia-
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and the Toledo Medical and Surgical Re- arable heat and energy. It is, therefore,
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light on another question, namely, that the cerebellum has
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tissue, cheesy material, and connective tissue in a condi-
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and organic diseases of the female generative organs,
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"Pericardium normal. Heart small; surface ■gathered and marked by a
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amination, for "open tuberculosis" is by no means com-
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the two inner the maxillae. There are no palpi. The prothorax is
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mouth frequently with borax and honey dissolved 7n water,
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any length the treatment of the sequelae of appendici-
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at this level. On the right side the soft tissues presented a greenish
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period of time if good functional results are to be obtained.
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psychological development is on the basis of individual
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should be kept saturated for one or two days with oil of