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pachymeningitis). The primary change affects the dura mater, which

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TB£ATM£lfT. Aconite should always commence our treatment,,

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eral has reason to feel profoundly grateful for the

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Lei]iz., 1887, xxxiii, 3. Abth.. 10.5-178, 1 pi.— Pier«l'hou y.

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evil effects of such an existence. I have, many times, seen men come into the

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paid, a most revolting scene was enacted. "Wliile two

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speaking countries, were delighted by his genius, and

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capillaries. And that the obstruction really does reside in these vessels

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contents. A lateral anastomosis was made between the ileum and

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The Boylston Medical Committee, appointed by the President and Fellows of Har-

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of the calcaneum ; and this is undoubtedly of considerable importance, especially

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existed all her life. She proved very hypnotizablc, and the hyper-

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The infrequency with which the disease is found in the post-mortem

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rally relied upon are evacuants and antiphlogistics, such as cupping, leech-

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weight in their moft important national affairs, this fuppofition,

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had been made to have vehicles set apart for carry-

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tion may have an acute or chronic course, and in either type the symp-

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ergotin and gelatin, but ceased after thirty drops of adrenalin had been

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the tube. I can find no history of any case of this kind with coexist-

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Mitchell (Dr. C. L.) on Ergot in Spermatorrhoea, &c 283

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the original tissue, and the patient consequently is marked or

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(Graves) ; American bullet-forceps ; cervical specu-

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the uterine cavity being perfectly sweet. Hot water

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generations of musicians and medical men to apply the

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and liiirg. Journal, vol. xix., 1823); "Sketch of an Epidemic

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following experiments were carried on with salts of

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applied as follows : — Wash the affected parts well with soap

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cordia College senior who plans to become a physician

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this work under the author's personal supervision from actual

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milk, and the like, given at stated intervals in small, fixed quantities. Aitoial

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painstaking intellectual effort and skill, — and time alone can pro-