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As regards a standard method of County Health Work in the State,

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should be caught and held, and, as a consequence, several

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which are specifically distinct :— (a.) Gonorrhoea; (6.) "Simple"

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keep in good order; and are therefore most applicable

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centuries, Mr. Symons has collected nearly twelve thousand

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take part in that — Dr. Sharpey and Dr. Quain. Dr. .\quilla

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is scarcely exaggerated by Bouillaud ; greatly underrated by Louis,

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Fourth. A very large trephine is used, one of two incbe

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old stump of an eye removed. The orbit was plugged with

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essential organs by a rise of temperature unconnected with

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reparative power, which is inborn and inherent in the living

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give the new system a trial on a much larger scale than had

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A cheaper modification of the Giemsa short method is to replace Azur

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a much more extensive procedure being generally requisite.

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election. The students’ questions become stereotyped, and

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devoted attention to the " soap-hot-ivater-subli'tnate "

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tincture of iron is a useful and important medicine and when admin-

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tends to spread in a downward direction — that is, in the direction

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oppose the doctrine in question, as Dr. Burrows imagines, but rather

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solution was most assiduously used ; on this day occurred

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may have been only apparent, being induced by the hypersesthesia and

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what shall we do ?" Physician. — ''Ah ! what shall we do P" Young Practitioner.

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does not sound probable that material of this weight

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occasionally on the lower extremities for the first few

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to this group. The nitrites exist in the soil probably as salts of potas-

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Smith, A. M., M. D., Professor of Comparative Physiology in the Uni-

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affected. In cardiac and chronic lung disease the deposition is mostly

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and that of females with ovarian and tubular material. In the

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and I know of not a few successful cures by large doses of

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Extract Cantharides. — Cantharides, 30 parts., Alco-

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possible for it to transact business deliberately and

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tubes, till the sixth day, when it was evident that percussion

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epilepsy. We used the bromids as a club to beat the

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who uses tinctures made from fluid extracts will be very apt to

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it, but originality is not the author's claim, and if it were it

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whose instability is directly manifested, and those whose in-

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adherent pseudomembrane associated with the Klebs-Loffler bacillus.

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1865, must have been engaged in Professional Study during

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has accumulated. The glans is then thoroughly washed with soap