What is Dominos AnyWare?

What is Dominos AnyWare?

Dominos have long reigned supreme in the world of pizza, regarded as the first choice for a weekend takeaway. This long spout of success is arguably down to their forever-in-development style, always growing the business to speak to the modern consumer. Displaying a strong mission to make pizza-ordering a fuss-free experience they created Dominos AnyWare, a full suite of platforms in which users can order their food within seconds.

AnyWare comprises of eight difference options, although some have been a lot more successful than others. Here are our top 5:

Zero Click

In order to use Zero Click you will need to have a Pizza Profile and Easy Order, two features that save your personal details and your regular order. The Zero Click ordering platform is a separate application that starts a countdown. Once the countdown hits 0 your order will be placed without selecting anything.


Text is one of the most used ways of communicating nowadays, something that Dominos recognise. With the emoji now permitting us to talk through pictures Dominos has adopted the pizza emoji. By simply texting this dominos will reply, asking you if you wish to confirm your Easy Order. You can then place your order simply by texting ‘CONFIRM’.


Utilising Twitter as much as possible Dominos has introduced an ordering feature on the social network. On the website they posted the following instruction:

‘Calling all tweeters and twitterers… boy do we have some news for you. And we’re not keeping it to 140 characters. Now you can order your Easy Order with a tweet. #Dominos #pizza #hashtag’.


Now you do not even have to get up out of your chair to order pizza as Dominos has connected with Amazon Echo. With the ability to hear your voice from the other side of the room the device permits pizza-lovers to place an Easy Order simply with your vocals.

Smart TV

With the development of the home television constantly startling us it was only a matter of time before we could order pizza through one. With the launch of Dominos new app we can do exactly that, choosing a film and a pizza at the same time.

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