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have attained the age of eight or ten years, ought not

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practicable, and the inhaled vapor should be left in con-

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is recommended for the treatment of the glaucoma claimed to be

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" tyi)hoid," ap])eared in 1829. Dr. Shattuck's experience

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selon ledocteurOttolengbi. Rec. d'ophth., I'ar., 1891, 3.s.,

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curves from that of the osmotic pressure curves in Figs. 1 and 5 in the preceding

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branched filaments. These, when magnified, present a fibrous exudation,

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The formality of an address from the Chair might well be

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Epithelioma or epithelial cancer ; and (v.) Adenoid or tubular cancer.

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doses of horse serum intraperitoneally, nine doses of egg-white

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containing suli)liur, tar, and i>yrog;dlic acid. In the ordinary types

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there is a discharge of urine and feces. This stage of exhilaration is

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of ingested food, the amount of food is reduced, or the offend-

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restraint has agitated tbe minds of many. In a recent and

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46 Arsenic.— Cancer, Goitre. Ofiensive breath or discharges.

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straints), the Vice President, upon vote of the majority

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years, notwithstanding the ugly aspect of the ease ; not a bad

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ing as nearly as possible to this standard, though it must be

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dominalis. Miinchen. nied. Wchnschr., 1888, xxxv, 315-

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from time to time to take, as it were, an inventory and account of stock of our

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The blunt bullet forceps grasp the cervix and pull it down. If the cervix be

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scalp, as a counter-irritant, will sometimes prove advantageous. But the indi-

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several oil-globules are seen. In Fig. 20 the vessels have not

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*Ward, Charles S., 30 W. 33d St., New York, New York Co. Founder.

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record. Originating probably in China, India, and the adjacent countries

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their hope that a large number of the distinguished men

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of one vocal cord, and one-half of the glottis. Through

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Mr. Abernethy. (With much conster- Abernethy, then, would have

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of September, the animals were killed. In one. there were abundant patches of

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the diet being abundant and then causing an increase in the

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bacteriology. Part III, nearly half of the book, is devoted to histological methods.