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3. That a copy of these resolutions, signed by the President
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5. Statement of the American College of Rheumatology and the
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fluid. By the second day the bleb is fully formed. It is sometimes umbili-
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last, as compared with the previous fiscal year. There were
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it is to be concluded that the death of protoplasm arises from
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plan, the difficulties encountered by the Commission, together
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a carve directed upwards and to the left ; it is ample when the pupil ia
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passes into night. The malignant form seldom occurs.
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strengthen this belief in the selective action which they
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way, Los Angeles, California. In addition to the special diseases above men-
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the general constitution ; the eruption being confined to those
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indlys ^ ^ '^ 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 5Z 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 84
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the model may be used as the front ; giving two sizes of
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In my own judgment.no supposed adenomata of the thyroid gland
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Dr. Henry KENNEDY said the subject so very ably brought before
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gall, a remedy, which, although not extensively given, is evidently
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crease in the number of other organisms. Further ex-
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previous year. Space alone prevents our citing many similar in-
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August 9. — Has been sitting up in bed to take liis meals, and
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was nothing new, and as to the means for measurement of
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Mr. Callaway gives no cases of this accident, nor any recital of the post-
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Secretary-Treasurer Long: Mr. President, there being a quorum
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lias been produced by small-pox, namely, 192 deaths, a weekly
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cases which have died — one in my own practice. I prefer the supra-pubic to the
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5th, Living beings are governed in their selection of food by laws
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and that they had not eaten raw meat. On December 6th, however, when asked directly
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have been quite unexpectedly discovered, I do not find in our records a
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long as in the glycerin controls, and in 6 cases longer. The
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the six months having elapsed without an answer, they
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adopted. Kdlliker, Klein, and others describe imperfec
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fuls of corn-starch dissolved in a little cold water, a cupful
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the patient, would renounce the comprehensive glance and
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1870-71, when it was impossible for wet-nurses to go
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tharsis. Dr. P. does not appear to have much faith in stimuli
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latter part of which she was an out-patient, coming in at intervals to be ojjerated
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ments of the system, or in connection with grave constitutional disease,
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one going into the water intentionally would almost
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ance program, policy or plan unless such program, policy
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ments recently that threw doubt on that, and one would I think expect a
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sary to transplant a two-faced flap, that was a flap
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Practitioners. By Elias H. Barti.Ey, B. S., M. D., Professor of Chemistry and