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chewing or smoking of tobacco, the drinking of raw spirits, the friction of a
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has resulted from Frenkel's method of exercises. The patient is made to
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of removing or diminishing atonic arthritic articular inflammation, has
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that it had lost all sensation. From this state, however, it very soon
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University Medical School. There is a warm contest in the council be-
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that it is worthy of permanent medical record, and we therefore copy it
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For further Information, application maybe made at the room, over 103 Hanover street, or to
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group them into (1) those in which the head, trunk, and lower limbs are
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congested and ulcerated. If the cavity be large ridges are seen on the
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of the thyroid gland, and extending outwards as far as the carotid arteries.
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symptoms not considered essential for a primary attack, and just as the
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the imperfect aeration is auffici^itiy evident, from the livid tinge of OT
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physical characters, yet retaining the same chemical composition. There
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which they depend, by showing, magnetically, that all men are equal,
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on active growth and becoming a syringomyelia, we cannot say.
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than counterbalance the advantage of equalizing the respiratory and cir-
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tingling in the limbs, beginning at the fingers and toes, followed by extreme
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I the visual organs, than Dr. £. J. Davenport, of this city. It is not im*
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and was at that time in the enjoyment of perfect health ; aged 35 years,
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Chromium. — Half an ounce of a solution of chromic acid, 100 grains
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Laennec simply remarks, in opposition to the statement of Bayle,
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length of this canal, a band of the mucous membrane ; and, lastly, to
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tion ; a desire to appear neatly and smoothly dressed, and to make
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We often hear or similar irregular cases of disease, which are de-
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cians seem to have taken a conspicuous part in the late rebellion. Dr.
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leans ;' Medical Institution of Geneva College, Geneva, N. Y. *, Medi-
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arguments of the Bishop of Exeter by a denuDciation, not only of this
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This form of the affection is usually very severe and the mortality is very
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Progressive absorption takes place, and the whole thickness of the bone may
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well into adult life. The alveolar process of maxilla and teeth are gradually
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taminated with soil or manure, or have become septic. Wounds caused by
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under an ansesthetic, taking a circle of healthy skin round the base of the
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sionally, for years before his death, refused practice, and confined bini-
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other stimulants. In August ('37) she was, with great difficulty, placed
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found as a thick sheath surrounding a dilated canal produced in the manner
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is probable that both have a deleterious influence on certain nervous struc-
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amall teansaucer. This spot was depressed, icrinkled, and ermcktd. It
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usually occurs in from twelve to forty-eight hours. Death has occurred in