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recently advanced by some physiologists, that the pos-

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salines of themselves are too slow in their action, they might

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dry, from its elevation ; the atmosphere is highly ex-

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manifested by the derangement of function in nearly all the

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time: a silver-wire suture was passed through the abdominal

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sought advice. He has a partial optic atrophy in both eyes, following

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written on by a clean quill or bone pen, dipped in the ink.

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Now, if the foregoing facts be true, and the conclusions

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century or more. This, we take it, is the true state

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Sternberg, The Malarial Germ of Laveran. The Medical Record. New York, 1886.

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year to the study of the methods employed in general in-

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the impulses are " staggered" by the overloading of the voltage, giving a poor

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months. The diet should be sufficiently nutritious, but unstimulating.

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able. The price, too, is most moderate : the ordinary stout is

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eliminated from the blood, nor can the latter obtain the oxygen required

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of the head and neck, and we have assured ourselves of the frequent

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The so-called ursemic phenomena, when they are pronounced and per-

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and nitrification, and part becomes food for plant and

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2. Deposition oj uvavj dene-sit their ova on the surface of the

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of cases subsequently tested, both in private and public

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•Census there were within this area 417,707 iidiabitcd houses,

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ing principally the vasomotor and largely the respira-

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glioma and sarcoma are common, and the diagiiosia Sxti.

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traumatisme sans lesion de la corn^e; cataracte trauuja-

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of those results of disease which are every day occurring.

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vessels it is found to be included in ordinary leucocytes

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now seen that all the bleeding was issuing from the distal end of the sac, and

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sweeten. Drink as desired. The patient ought to be made to drink spar-

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considerable, but it is readily controlled by compres-

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best (an article sold under a proprietary brand at a somewhat

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that had been taken into the blood, for in these cases there

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the patients would have some impression of the quality of this irrita-

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of citric acid, vinegar, or white wine, or cream of tartar, sufficient

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laceration, unless it enters tlie peritoneum, will heal ;

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staff sick with fever, one while on duty in the quarantine fever ward, one

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!>1ill living and in good health. Her family history is un-

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that all causes of jaundice are mechanical ; and we are too prone to

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be removed, and the case can be daily seen and watched

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wald's results to the fact that while the latter used digitalin, he used pure stro-

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tervals of two days. Immunity was found to exist three

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from which proceed the rami communicantes. The total number of the