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drains from the liver), and when this back-flow is ejected

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tight?— it inevitably tends to make the waist, abdomen,

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at Point-drPitre, the principal port of Quadaloupe, one of the two

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number, daring the voyage of five weeks ; and there were no pas-

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apparatus. From others, however, he could not obtain a trace. But

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found on waking in the morning that I had just overslept my usual time by one

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been prevailing at the end of 1864 and beginning of 1865. The

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bowel are deathlike from the moment of the injury. They are quite unlike

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on. He became insensible, and had much fever, he says, for some

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she might have swallowed some of the fluid, but this she strenu-

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cavities. Two drachms of serum in the pericardium. Surfaces of the

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wounds with distmct angles. Sanson, on the other hand, found seven oval wounds, pro-

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"Suddenly, and without previous premonitory symptoms, she is seized with

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DeWALTHER, after a full and impartial review of the recorded cases of amauro-

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applied long prior to the commencement of any morbid action, gives rise to

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tween the extinction of life and the generation of this fluid in the vessels of the

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stranger calls him on the telephone and opens the con-

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Should we not, under these circumstances, rather exhort him" to submission

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point hygrometer was 2°.2: 5°.7; 4°. 7; 1°.3, in 1826-35; and 1°.9; 6°.l; 4°.2;

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half, though not specially towards the apices. They were opaque and

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pia mater and cord itself were natural.^ Numbers of small recent

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these organs having been occasioned by obstruction to the circulation. In ano-

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The part played by the milk curd in the trachea in Case 20 may

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Treatment of Constipation. — Drink 2 quarts of water a

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with ordinary gouty inflammation in the foot or joints, and

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namely, that of the Atlantic coast and of the lakes, which have the extremes

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3. Just such brilliant, darkly-contoured balls without concentric

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cfiiM of the inhalation of this drug upon the retina, and in all

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took a gloomy and perhaps fanatical view of the question. Cities were declared

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The following case is the only one in which I have been enabled to verify

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vein or veins. It is exceedingly painiul, and sometimes

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out becoming winded. In fact, "second wind" is a ques-

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rately accelerated, irregular, and intermitting; skin moist; tongue coated;

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rubbers even when the groimd is dry, and Mary gets it

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in 176 or 69*4 per cent, situated in the liver; in 3, or 1*17 per

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