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round cell with syphilis was to him doubtful, and that a bacillus

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repeatedly seen the pulse strengthen while the blood was flowing. The

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secure proper treatment made the spread of this disease alarm-

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Where a greater surface is desired, radium salt may be incor-

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was an essential adjunct to the medical profession. Two

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the same length of time to unfiltered x-rays generated by a rather soft gas tube.

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Treatment of Renal Diseases. — Dr. Howard A. Kelly

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single dose is one third milligram three times a day per os or as an

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Fig. 4. ( center ) A group of malignant cells with keratiniza-

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ment. The child had not lain down to infected, but only those two to the extent

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ness when any attempt was made to move the affected limb were

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0.5 cc. of isotonic salt solution. Mar. 23, 11 a.m. Lumbar puncture, 0.5 cc. of

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no human being can calculate. We date not, with our present knowledge of Cow-

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Marie has published a very interesting case. Several theories have been

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of the glands of a fibrinous material which fills and dis-

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side ; pain also on lying on the left side from the tendency of the liver to

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active with a religious trend of thought. Physical con-

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six cars. Each form of figure represents the succeeding determinations of

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in which there would be a complete separation of tribunals,

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pletely restored him to the use of his voice and hearing. We

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of this organ from the indentation or even fracture of the bones of the

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cases are due to the poison engendered by the Bacillus botulinus. It

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appropriate remedies, the disease often clears up rapidly.

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any effect and at other times to produce a well defined, though only

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The method of operating is in part as follows: After

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Some of the cases are very difficult to classify. Rolleston reports one in

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a civil impediment to marriage, because it is considered that there cannot be

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to its stimulant action on the heart and the rise of blood