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urethra, and in seminal weakness, twice or three times a day when

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of a village doctor, who had never known more of insanity than the single

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by ulceration of the sac which contained it, forming a fistulous

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pieces of bone out of it. In the spring of 1850 I was confined

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Case II. This case occurred in the person of a young Can-

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ficient, that it is almost powerless. How shall we build up

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the right side. This hernia had existed for many years. She had

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cess in another. In these very sacculi, the process of denudation

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From the period of its application, the patient was more com?

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the main symptoms in each, so that the data for a differential

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dition of general health, together with the extent and severity of the injury,

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bodily and mental functions, yet such is his adaptability to cir-

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The process by manipulation avoids this main difficulty, and, as

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two following reasons ; first, the talents, attainments and facilities of

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toward their attachment to Poupart^s ligament. The needle is

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in the Medical Journals of the country, the profession generally have

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It is too early as yet to give any of the plans of the Com-

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These remarks, however, are not intended 10 apply to such professional ser-

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immediately posterior to the heart, and compressed between it and

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of disease under the name of " auscultatory percussion," first made

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ance in contact with the surface. It strikes me that some arrange-

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and no longer burthen the passing breeze with his sad wail of imaginary

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bermen, Arctic explorers and guests at Abyssinian hospitalities, consume,

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larity of the inferior segment of the organ, and by the slow ten^

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and seemed well for a week. At this time vomiting began, large

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by introducing the same test paper into the liquid, the sulphur

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have been made to it by the ancient classic authors. The novelty of its

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after food, but as time goes on it increases in constancy and

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ence by administration of drugs; #nd this is precisely what