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cases reported in the paper were of the diffuse variety,

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Ass., Chicago, 1893, xx, 177 - 180. — Policai-di (L.) Ri-

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Ass. Am. Physicians, Phila., 1888, iii, 321-329, 1 pi. Also,

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both njiper extremities. Times Sc. Reg.. Phila'., 1893, xxvi,

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the most remote intention of so doing. On the contrary, I have

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date of November 28, the following statement is made : " By

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The following were nominated as Permanent Members :

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belonged to a far-branching race, rooted in the past and stretching

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"Images of sorrow, pictures of delight, are things that go to make up a life

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accompany him, and at the time appointed he was ready, dressed in the

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sister, and two brothers are living and well. One sister died

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Types.— Dr. A. L. Loomis, of New York, thought the

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As a dressing for Burns, Carbuncles, etc., there is nothing ap-

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pressure, affirmed that this secretion needs to be squeezed out of

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pathological curiosity. Cylindrical-celled epithelioma, however, or ade-

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degenerated secondary deposits. Left kidney: Same as the

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then follows a conglomeration of equally instructive data,