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foot-note to page 569 reads: "There is an excellent likeness,

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favorable for their development in the diseased focus.

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attendant upon a case of syphilitic di.sease of the spinal

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cells perish of themselves or are destroyed by the maternal tissues, and so

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Department by placing the utilities of the Public Health Service as well as the

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his back, or on his left side ; the pulsation in the left side was

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lying. Dr. Michael W. Taylor and Dr. Ballard have brought for-

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as in all reforms, our best hope lies with the young, whose igno-

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crotic keratitis, abscess, or keratitis profunda, are to be

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sification, no pigment, mucoid, etc.); showing no agglutination in

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This complication is common because of reduced lung

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involvement, urinary retention or inability to take oral

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absolute repression or legalised organisation > The former has

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tions may be present at the time, or may follow, which have their origin

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bling nephritis, but with only slight scrotal oedema. At the same time

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factors which have been observed so frequently in pellagrins that we

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clinical papers which it contains are full of excellent and suggestive mate-

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PREMARIN’ Brand ol conjugated estrogens tablets. USP

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joints, and attacks a dozen or more in almost every

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swelling increased in the cellular tissue and abdominal cavity;

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significant to notice that of the three cases in which Moritz examined

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Eegulations for Army Medical Services, and will not be eligible

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