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cern: I have been in the practice of medicine for the past forty-four years, and say

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cembrel88li. Bull. .Soc. denied. pub., Par.. 1887, x,170-187,—

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he was) carried out some very radical changes. Not only

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(changing renal function, etc) 4) initiation of digoxin or

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period of digestion. It is not preceded or accompanied by nausea, and

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On the following morning there was slight excoriation of the gums, which

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clude services provided in nursing facilities and in

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of pyo-pueumothorax in the of typhoid fever, and

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directly and markedly depressed the dura. It was im-

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(3) Cases of primary amenorrhcea due to defects in development are

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But bromide has its drawbacks. It is not surprising that it should

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been no period in which at least twenty cases might not have

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rupture consequently was a complete one, involving the whole circumference of the urethral

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A Biographical Sketch of F. W. Shepard, M. D., which was read

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undoubtedly deserves to be given an impartial trial before abscesses in

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fited as to audition. The ears are cleansed in the usual way

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perforation de la vessie; gueii.^on. Arch. ni6d. beiges,

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privileges, or employment of duly licensed apothecaries-

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Mr. Joseph Reed, who has had considerable training and experience in the

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side ; pain also on lying on the left side from the tendency of the liver to

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and F do not appear in the old tables. Deaths which in future will

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after the most approved methods by Dr SaA^age, of Bethlem Hospital, and

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that, for a true appreciation of the percentage absorption,

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of honey and 20 grammes of turpentine also was useful, but it was less certain

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comme signe de la mort reelle. Bull. Soc. de m6(l. de Par.

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affected side and generally in that part' of the hilus from which