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the thigh. Following instructions, the patient cut out a portion of the corset

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In health work as in other things it takes Their right to do whatever health work

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to have been the form of death, but tliis may have been otherwise

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the occurrence of endothelial growths strictly of a connective-

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at his Store, corner of Third and Market streets, Cum-

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character this sound cannot be distinguished from the

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any scum that may rise, strain with pressure through a strong

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id caused the oxidation of nitrogen in ammonia and other nitrogenous

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accidental, but that the frontal lobe is related to vision. In the

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entitled thereto under the provisions of the Geneva convention

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exposure. Most of the cases developed about five days

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many hospitals now the superintendent was the one man

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and for carrying forward scientific investigations, to the greatest

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requisition. Salicylate of soda, besides its analgesic

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of the form of the " bell," of the sensation of cold by touching it, of its use, and of

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to the finer tubes. With these signs there is a rise of temperature,

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The intestinal contents are likewise often bloody and thinly

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tion of the specimen after operation showed that the primary

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active treatment has been a want of pluck on the part of

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still remains unknown, is very infectious. Frequently, all the

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chloroform were being used, the fluid being more easily

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from decomposition, whereas the latter was pure and free from any smell

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medicine as " missionary work " in which a physician is

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explanation of the fact that there is a larger proportion of mirror- writers

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verapamil and migraine prophylaxis mechanisms and efficacy

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now been lost sight of for some time, though he had

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constipation, and if cases of colic were excluded it was

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small portion of our daily food. That a deficiency of the oleagi*

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in objects that he has previously refused to notice. Next follows

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general health was extremely poor. There was loss of

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trained tourists after a long stretch of mountain-climbing. To

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Adams Frost showed a complete set of Indian oculists' instruments which

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to Her Majesty's Indian Medical Service differ only slightly from

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tion. Fig. 23 shows the tube in place surrounded by

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but where full tables are not obtainable, partial ones, or reports, will be thank-

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stricture a filiform elastic or whalebone bougie, and to use this

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