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investigation, with the justly censured and despised effusions of ignor-

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Graham, George Wilham, L.R.C.P. Edin. and L.S.A., Winchester, of

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human subject. The inspissated juice of the lettuce is well known under the

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It is just announced that Professor Weichselbaum, of the

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prolonged periods of ventricular inactivity, giving the typical picture of Stokes-

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proprietary remedies, now selling and making large for-

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In Mooren's case, after enucleation of the first eye

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Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae

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girl with a v'cry sore throat from scarlet scalp, which had become, or most likely

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M. B. Oxon., F. R. C. S. Eng., Surgeon to the Manchester Royal Infirm-

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levels in view of the possibility of hypertension. Arbitrarily, the

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tralas., Melbourne, 1890, i, 125-137, 1 pi. [Discussion], 193.—

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different lots of cheese. Rooms were provided in which the tempera-

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put up single doses in separate flasks, as the one demon-

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lowed. After withdrawal of the fluid through a puncture be-

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Board may be released by joint approval by the Board

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Diurnal urination was nearly normal in frequency, and the energy

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shown, to eating raw liver containing these parasites.

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Ascending pjharyncjeal is yet smaller but long, and deeply-seated.

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dled. Yet the task of iconoclasm is never agreeable,

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War rages between Norristown, Pa., and Utica, N. Y., or,

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generally get a little every day ; this was particularly the case in Tralee,

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ing the epithet " scarlatiniform." (2) Papular eruptions of variable extent,

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obtained without the patient experiencing any of the uneasy

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stems and branches. They blossom about the first of September

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tain classes, some undoubtedly well-meaning, but not

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Doctor, are you ready to give up the use suited on almost everything, physical,

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seems, cannot be collected into any one morphologic group, nor

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light bath has any specific effect which might influence

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this exception, the carbon dioxide in the aerating apparatus was reduced to

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by no other plan. He now used a solution of i to 500,

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bond paper (8V2 by 1 1 inches, nor erasable), typed double-spaced throughout

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ed as an alterative. For a cathartic, I generally make use of the pow-

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seen two remarkable examples of this. The first case was that of a lady