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US branch of Domino’s Pizza break world record

November 26, 2010 by Michelle  
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An American branch of Domino’s Pizza in California beat the world record for the most pizzas made in 24 hours by delivering and making a grand total of 6,838 pizzas within the set time.

Domino’s Pizza in Taft organised for their world record attempt to take place on the same day as the town’s 100 year anniversary celebrations known as Oildorado. The record breakers were helped in their quest by orders of 890 pizzas for the police department, and also an order of 650 pizzas for the marching band taking part in the town’s anniversary celebrations.

A representative from Domino’s oversaw the record attempt to ensure the pizza giant’s high standards were met throughout the 24 hours. A representative from the Guinness Book Of Records and also a police chief also oversaw proceedings to check all conditions of the competition were met.

Two radio controlled clocks, two stopwatches, two video cameras, a digital camera and logbook were needed to oversee the world record pizza making attempt.

85 workers, including both former employees who came back to help with the event, and also current staff, all pulled together to beat the world record. The team of pizza makers averaged 400 pizzas an hour.

The owners of Taft’s Domino’s Pizza, Tina and Bob Leikam, described beating the world record for the most pizzas made in 24 hours as “tremendously exciting.”

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