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Resolved, That school of graduation shall be no bar to mem-
secretary must keep it up. Continuous personal work,
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per cent, of hemoglobin are occasionally etherized success-
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layer of the pelvic fascia. It must be borne in mind,
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started, and it is plainly to be inferred from this report that
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The following cases of smallpox, yellow fever, cholera and plagoe
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infection from a surgical standpoint. He detailed a series of
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this system pays the employee, the manufacturer and the buyer;
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a greyish-brown crust is formed, which in four or five
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from the right ureter at that time. On the twenty-sixh day,
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The Albany Hospital acknowledges receipt of donations
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There have been many attempts at the classification
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pathology, but in myxedema the case is different. Myxedema
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cludes only those facts which occur in the presence of the
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at about 115 F. Note the amount of water evaporated,
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state that should be met by a deliberative body created
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unusually thick, or unusually unyielding, they may not
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the petty ambitions and general demoralization which
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of their plumbing when connected with a sewerage system and
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of posterior gastroenterostomy for the relief of chronic ulcer
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33. Prqtnancy Following Ventro-suspension of the Uterus.
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sizes, however, is the "grip" epidemic that has inter-
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Cask 4. — V. M., aged 70 years, an attorney, suffering from
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existence of constipation in children. Few things are more ir-
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These are commonplace facts, but the notion is occasion-
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joint was followed by death in eight hours, from shock.
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capillaiies, giving the suggestion of the muscle coats of the
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my figures show ithat 56 per cent, of the women had
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business-like. A physician is no better and no worse
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tance in determining the body form and in estimating
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2, the lungs; 3, the cecum. An analysis of five hun-
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and private expense for the education of thoRe men and women
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according to the author's experience, acupuncture and drain-
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lar reflex exaggerated ; superflclal reflex absent. Resection of 12th
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tumor had increased somewhat in size during the past year,
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Barker, "Foundation Stones of Medicine"; Dr. Walter S.
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unknown origin. S. In about two-fifths of all cases with pain
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committee, I think it should be left as It Is now. The President of
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ample material for an authoritative solution of the questicHiB