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now proceed with greater ease than under normal conditions. It is
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cus, cysticus, and the gall-bladder, are all dilated. Finally, if the duc-
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find the biliary calculi embedded in a chalky mass, and firmly enclosed
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action in the manner employed is of no value for the purpose either
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also be rendered light and fragile, or local or general eburna-
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failed to produce infusoria in close vessels, became abundantly
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It is not improbable that, in many cases of supposed spasm of the
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of this drug upon either of these disorders may be, yet experience has
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bodies; or the snuffing of tobacco by persons unaccustomed to it;
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arteries is in the dilated and half-emptied heart. Accordingly, the
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this obstruction extends through the vessels of the liver to those of
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board. The cut surface is very dry and bloodless, smooth, almost ho-
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rarely a frothy expectoration, with scattered streaks of blood. There is
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well-nourished persons of firmer fibre. This predisposition depends, in
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nitis has occurred, these procedures can be of no use, but may do harm,
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of tuberculosis. Even according to modern views tubercle stOl ranks
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a crime, when a member that could be saved, physically,
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The infusoria exhibit among themselves a great diversity
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centres occur without interfering much Vi-ith the vitality of the skin which
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learn to judge for themselves when it is time to stop the pills, and when
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salivation which not unfrequently occurs during the first months of
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These observations not only disprove Friedreich's assertion, that
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cheeks, spreads rapidly, and finally changes the entire cheek, part of
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reaction, although there is conclusive reason to believe that syphilis is not
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ished in a few months of a phthisis florida, a "galloping consumption,"
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