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This accident is sometimes ascribable to the violent paroxysms of cough

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form. Species of the hydoxerma and dermatobia, that infest the skin

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(1) Saturate solution of benzidine in glacial acetic acid.

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and medulla to the termination of the fibers in the cord.

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face is usually congested, one side often expressionless, and the cheek

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heavy and uncertain on account of disturbed co-ordination.

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jaundice albumin and tube-casts may be present, and the latter may

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the peripheral irritation of the cutaneous nerves by crystals of urea. The

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and incoherently, looks about uneasily and fearfully, and breaks gradu-

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the functional activity of the auditory and visual word-centers obviates it,

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pyogenic membrane surrounded the purulent and calculous contents.

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