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and even his extremities. Althougli 1 never before saw a genu-

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If an arrow, instead of passing through a limb, strikes a bone, it will

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treatment of anemia. Dr. Nicholson's favorite is the bicarbonate

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neurasthenia, but presupposes a neuropathic constitution.

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A diagnosis of obstruction within the bladder having been

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value in deciding tlie nature of the lung disease, and affords so little help

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with formation of a narrow red areola around each vesicle. The process

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Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series No. 25.

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needed for what no other remedy can perform towards the

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classed as jjerversions or disturhances in the metabolism of the amino-acids.

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sions. Only the fundus of the uterus had been removed, and the

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Eat slowly, masticating the food very thorougly, even

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the walls of this viscus. The eosinophilia met with in bilharziasis

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kidney in chronic ditfuse nephritis, ai"e associated wdth characteristic clinical

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Kaunas University Medical School, Lithuania. Internship and

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peutics of acute rheumatism, and come to some conclusions, if we can, in

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and the limb was all but paralyzed. There could be no doubt

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in that arm, but a decided improvement was visible, already in

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but also in the length of the attack when compared with scarlet

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As Dr. Dabney said, much depends upon the station in life. Do

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dazzle. I grieve to say, not only the public, but also a very large

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Hit July 29, 1916, by a bullet on the outside of left shoulder. Hemoptysis

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rium may be prevented. But the influence of rain in the produc-

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abnormally light, the metamorphosb of material in the body b going

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the lumen of the vessel is encroached on, so that it transmits only

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his death he became comatose, and died in that condition. The duration of

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I have not had the good fortune to analyze any case